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Ares galaxy - free download


Open the file ares_installer..exe to install the program.

Go through the steps to install it. Select the folder in which you are going to install it. By default it goes into /Program-files/ Folder.


Open Ares to search for music.

Open Ares from the Windows menú or the Ares icon created in your desktop. Go to the search tab and search music or files by artist, song, album or file name. Click Search and results will appear on your right side of the screen. Double click the files you need to download.


See the Download Queue.

With Ares Galaxy You can see the progress of the downloads by going to /Downloads/ Folder. You can also preview the files while they are downloading.


Play your music.

Go to the “library” tab where you can find the music or files that you have just downloaded. Double Click to start playing. You can also click on the music controls that appear on the bottom.


After Completing these steps, that’s it, you are ready to download music from Ares Galaxy. If you want to transfer your music to your devices continue reading.


Advanced Functionalities.


Select where to store your music.

You can select in which folder you download the music locally in your computer by going to settings - music -


Transfer the files to your mobile devices (Android)

Look for the folder that you have selected for music downloads. Normally it should be on /Users/yourUsername/mysharedfolder/. Copy the files that you want to transfer and paste them on the folder of your device.


Transfer the files to iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Look for the same folder by going to /users/username/mysharedfolder. Copy the files to iTunes or Music app (You will need to have iTunes installed) Now they will be on the iTunes/music library. Connect your device and select the music that you want to transfer.


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