Listen free Music with Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service that works online. You can also play spotify music in your devices with a premium account.


Since 2013 in México and 2008 in Spain you can start using the music service Spotify to get access to most songs on internet without any cost, but with some ads hearing from time to time. You can also get an ad free account if you buy the Spotify Premium Service.


Spotify in its free mode works with audio and display ads, so for each 3 or 4 songs you hear you will hear a short audio ad. You will get also limited skips but this can be overcomed by creating smart playlists according to your mood.



This App has a premium mode, that will get you access to 320kbps versions of the songs you are hearing (useful if you have  top-end audio speakers) and you will get uninterrupted access to millions of songs without ads for just 9.99$ / month, which is great because you will have access to all your favourite songs in all your devices (ios, android, pc, mac) with your suscription. With premium, you will get also offline access to songs.


¿How Spotify Works?


Spotify has agreements with most important labels as Universal, Sony BMG, EMI Music, Interscope Records and Warner Music. Thanks to this you can get access to millions of songs.


To use Spotify you will just need to create an account which is very simple, you can even login from your facebook account, with this you will be able to hear music and create playlists, and select your favorite songs.


Spotify is a multiplataform app and is available for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian e Ios.



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