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Download Ares in your computer and enjoy free music and videos . Ares is a powerful p2p software to download files from other users like music, photos and videos (Multiple formats available: mp3, mp4, mov, jpg) in your Windows PC.

Ares also has a web browser to explore the web while you listen to your music thanks to its integrated player.

Download Ares now for free, compatible with Windows 10, Vista and xp.


Download ares


Ares is a p2p program to download and listen music for free. It contains also an integrated web browser, chatroom and media player.


download music


First install ares in your computer. Then run the program and go to the tab "Search"  You can search music for free  by artist, song or album.




P2P let's you share files with your friends. Peer to Peer (P2P) means file transfers are done between users PC's without a server..


play music with ares


You will find all your music in the tab "Library"


where is media stored?


You will find your downloaded files in  your computer in the folder "

/user/Desktop/My Shared Folder"


"excellent program to download music"

"it's an easy to use software to download music in my pc"

"Easy to search for the music you are looking for"


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Guides and tutorials


Download Music from youtube

Download music from with this tutorial.


Add lyrics to your itunes library.

Find the lyrics of your songs with this software.


¿How to install ares?

Ares is very easy to install, here it's the guide step by step..


Download music in your iphone

Download music in your iphone without using a computer.

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Use Utorrent to download  .torrent files you can find on the web,  compatible with Windows / Mac

Download Ares Online

Download this versión of Ares in your Android Device to download music.

Download frostwire for mac

Frostwire is a p2p program like Ares to download music for Mac users.

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